Pueblo, Colorado
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ABC offers garages in the City of Pueblo and Pueblo County only.
          ABC SHED is the leading builder of wood framed garages in Pueblo, (based on building permits).                                             Owner Darin Austin has over 30 years experience as a licensed builder,                                                                       and that experience shows in the quality and design of our garages.
                   ABC SHED is turn key construction. We include concrete and permits in our prices.                        

  Base Model includes,
 •All permits in Pueblo County
 •Monolithic Concrete Slab
 •12" Overhangs eaves and Gable
 •2x4 Pressure treated plates
 •8' 2x4 walls 16" on center
 •Engineered truss 4/12 pitch
 •Engineered garage header
 •LP Smart side
 •LP Smart Trim
 •16'x7' Garage door
 •3'0"x6'8" side door
 •30 year dimensional shingle
 •Synthetic underlayment-
        and metal edging
 • Roof vents
     • 30 years building experience 
     • Licensed and insured                     

All garages are custom built onsite.
No prefabrication or kits.
Price includes concrete & permits.

ABC SHED includes 12" overhangs on all four sides,(eaves and gables). With other shed companies, gable overhangs are an upgraded expense.
(719) 568 0008

                            Why choose ABC SHED for your new garage?
             We take great pride in offering top quality workmanship at very competitive prices.
  ABC SHED has close to a thousand satisfied shed and garage customers in Southern Colorado.
      Our customers are our best advertising, often referring us to neighbors, friends and family.
              We always appreciate the compliments and comments after each job. Thank You.
                         Owner Darin Austin has 30 years experience as a licensed contractor,                                                     building over 100 new homes including all framing and concrete.
                 ABC never subs out to the cheapest guys available like a few competitors do.
                                          Darin will be on your job doing it right every time.
                                  Call us and lets get started on your new garage today.

ABC SHED, top 5 garage builder for                         Colorado Springs and Pueblo. 

      Additional Charges
 •9' or 10' walls 
 •8' or 9' tall garage door
 •Hip roof
 •8" or 12"  lap siding
 •Footings and stem walls
 •Engineering fees (If needed).
 •Insulated garage door
 •Concrete pump if needed
 •Sheet rock & insulation
 • Electrical 
 • Auto Door opener
​ • Final exterior grading
 • Driveway, aprons or side walks 
 • Remesh wire in slab
 •Two single garage doors
 ​•Rain Gutters

  Size            LP. Smartside       Stucco
12x20            $13,000.              $16,700.
12x24            $15,100.              $20,000.
14x20            $14,300.              $18,400.
14x24            $17,200.              $22,000.
16x20            $17,400.              $22,100.
16x24            $19,400.              $24,900.
20x20            $18,800.              $24,600.
20x24            $21,100.              $27,100.
20x30            $25,700.              $32,700.
22x24            $23,400.              $29,950.
24x24            $24,600.              $31,600.
24x28            $26,700.              $34,775.
24x30            $28,900.              $36,915.
24x36            $36,900.              $46,300.

ABC SHED includes concrete and permits in our price.
Other competing shed companies do not.
Ten-5 star ratings on Facebook
*Additional fees for Pueblo West
Garage paint pricing for LP. Smartside.
Base price does not include painting.
size.            price      trim only if stucco
12x20             $1,200.                      $400.
12x24.            $1,200.                      $400.
14x20             $1,200.                      $400.
14x24             $1,300.                      $400.
16x20             $1,400.                      $450.
16x24             $1,500.                      $450.
20x20             $1,400.                      $460.
20x24             $1,600.                      $460.
20x30             $1,800.                      $590.
22x24.            $1,700.                      $560.
24x24             $1,900.                      $625.
24x30             $2,100.                      $690.
24x36.            $2,100.                      $690.
​   Includes one base color and one trim color.

         We will do our best to match your house,                                                             however an exact match is not guaranteed.
         One advantage our garages offer over-              pole barn construction is the option for stucco.

What is included in the base price?
The exterior will be what is commonly referred to as the shell. It will be completed and pass final inspection as a finished garage. It is ready for caulking and paint, but that is an additional charge. Final grading and any additional concrete is also an additional charge.
Interior will be bare studs and ceiling. We do not include any electrical, insulation, sheet rock or automatic garage door openers.

Additional fees for Pueblo West.
Application fee to Committee of Architecture...... .....$150.

Application fee for residential driveway access..........$.

ABC Shed will pay for the building permit through
Pueblo Regional Building Department..........................$0.00

ABC Shed will handle all the above mentioned items.
What you need to know
You might need to have a concrete Pan which is also referred to as a driveway approach. ABC Shed does not include this, however we can supply you with the name of a Concrete company that would be happy to do it. The Engineering Department will inspect your property to determine if a Pan is needed. A pan may be required regardless of what you are building, (ie Garage, large shed or pole barn construction). A pan may be required on both a gravel road or a paved road.  Be sure to keep this in mind and budget accordingly.

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Example of a pan on a gravel road.
Must have adequate access to your garage.
Currently the driveway access permit is not required.