Frequently Asked Questions
Are you at the model shed lot?
     No, we are not at the sales lot. The sheds are unlocked and you can look at them during day light hours 7 days a week.
     If you prefer an appointment call (719) 568-0008 and Darin will be happy to meet you at the lot.
We are ready to buy, what do we do next?
    Call us and we will meet you at your house. We will check out your yard and go over where you want to place the shed. 
    We will sign a proposal form at that time and you will be placed on our list for installation. No money down, 100% is due at                 completion of shed.
Do you build onsite?
     Yes, our sheds are built onsite in your yard. We have found that most yards do not allow for a shed delivery.
     Our built onsite method will give you a stronger floor with blocks installed under the 4x4 skids,                                                              and will not damage your yard with a truck.
Are your prices installed?
      Yes, the price is complete and built onsite in your yard. Some competitors charge 20% extra to build onsite. 
Do you include everything, the floor, shingles etc.
     Yes it is a complete shed. Shed kits from Lowes and Home Depot do not include flooring, shingles etc.,                                                 that is why we get this question a lot. Our base price sheds are complete. You can however add options.
Are your sheds kits?
      No. We buy materials in bulk and cut everything in our shop. 
Do you offer kits?
       No, not at this time.
Do you build sheds outside of Pueblo County?
      Yes we build up to 50 miles from Pueblo. We may decline however building outside of Pueblo County depending on our                      schedule. Travel fees may apply.
Do you build garages outside of Pueblo County?
       No, We build garages in Pueblo County only.
Do you move sheds?
       No we do not move sheds. Call Wayne's Towing.
Does my ground have to be level?
      No it does not have to be level. We can level the floor with bricks and blocks when building the shed.                                                   We will level up to 8" included.
      However a level site is the preferred method and will look better. This will be the homeowners responsibility.
How long will it take you to build a shed?
      Most sheds completed in one day. Larger sheds can take 2 to 3 days depending on options.
How soon can you start?
      Start times will vary depending on the time of the year.                                                                                                                             In colder months we can start within 1-2 weeks. In warmer months it could be 4-6 weeks.
      Keep in mind that all legitimate shed companies will have a waiting list in warmer months.
Do you have to paint the shed?
       Yes. The LP Smartside does need to be painted. You can take up to 6 months to paint. Painting is an addtional charge.
Will you match our shingles?
      Yes. We will try to match to the best of our ability.                                                                                                                                     Keep in mind that there are hundreds of colors to choose from and an exact match is not guaranteed.
      We will use 30-year dimensional shingles on all sheds.
Do you need a building permit for a shed?
       It depends on the size. If a permit is required ABC SHED will supply it.(Pueblo County only). 
How do your sheds compare on quality?
      We often hear comments that our sheds are "the best we have seen". Stop by our model sheds a see for yourself.
Can you deliver a shed that is pre built?
     Yes we can if that is what you prefer.

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